Add These Stunning Places of Banyuwangi to Your Itinerary List

Minggu, 12 September 2021 - 04:02
Add These Stunning Places of Banyuwangi to Your Itinerary List A visitors enjoy her moment at Pulau Merah Beach, Banyuwangi. (PHOTO: Doc. TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES MADURA, JAKARTA – Most of the tourism industry in the country starting to prepare themselves to open their business after a long haul of social restriction. Just like what Banyuwangi did to their tourist destinations. This city has let 15 of their best tourist destinations to go on their business.

They have started to run the business since Friday (10/9/2021). However, the local government keep monitor the business and only allow them to take 25% visitors at their maximum capacity. These places are Pulau Merah Beach, Ijen Crater, Alas Purwo National Park, and Mustika beach.

Next they decided to let some tourist destination such as Cacalan Beach, Grand Watu Dodol Beach (GWD) Antogan Bunder waterfall, Cemara Beach, Sendang Seruni, Jagir Waterfall, Jopuro,  Teluk Biru (Blue Bay), Pinus Songgon, Terakota, and Boom Marina Beach.

“We will evaluate the condition and do the opening step by step. All will depend on the situation. All those 15 tourist destinations will be acknowledged by the Ministry of Health,” The Head of Disbudpar Banyuwangi M Yanuarto Bramuda said.

M-Yanuarto-Bramuda.jpgHead of Disbudpar Banyuwangi M Yanuarto Bramuda.

Still according to him, all the visitors will need to show their vaccination certificate to be able to go down the destination. Each of the management have been equipped with certain device to authenticate their certificate. Or they just need to log on to pedulilindungi.id fer the certainty.

He also explained that this weekend will be the best time to evaluate their performance. Meanwhile, if everything goes well, the local government of Banyuwangi planned to open more of their tourist destinations such as those enchanting tourism villages.

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