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Bloating Tummy and Its Prevention

Senin, 01 Juni 2020 - 04:22
Bloating Tummy and Its Prevention Illustration: stomachache. (Photo : Alodokter)

TIMES MADURA, JAKARTABloating tummy could be a big problem to us all especially during the day. We couldn't enjoy our meal, couldn't do our activities like we used to for bearing all the uncomfortable feeling.

Yet, Boldsky reveal several prevention to prevent those things happened. Check this out:

 1. Eat more vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables salad could be a perfect menu in the morning. Remember not to eat too much to avoid the bloated tummy goes to you.

2. Eat less salt

Pick those food with less salt to get you away from bloated tummy. Food which contain lots of salt will give you a bigger chance to get a bloated tummy as lead you to get a heart disease.

3. Fulfill Your daily intake of nutrients

You must to know whats your body need. Try to fulfill the nutrients that needed by your body. Avoid some food that will cause some pain or your body can't tolerate.

4. Eat what you need, not what you want

Some people will eat like crazy especially when they are hungry. Remember to stop eating when you feel you have enough. Don't force your tummy to work harder.

5. Get enough water

Getting enough water could hydrate your body as well helping your digestion works properly. Take at least 2 liters of water daily or according your body need. Water will also reduce the chance of you get a bloating tummy. (*)

Pewarta : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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