Meet Slamet Ramadhan, the Indigenous Javanese Panther of Ciremai

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2021 - 12:39
Meet Slamet Ramadhan, the Indigenous Javanese Panther of Ciremai Slamet Ramadhan looks so fierce and cute, safe and sound at Mount Ciremai National Park, Ciremai. (PHOTO: BTNGC for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES MADURA, JAKARTA – You might still remember a story of black panther captured on a local village at Cimalingping, Kasomalang, Subang, West Java around 2 years ago, on June 1, 2019. This panther then named as Slamet Ramadhan by the local community.

Though he has been moved to the local conservatory forest at Mount Ciremai National Park on July 2019, the local community still remember this accident. Some even still visit Slamet on his new place or may be just asked for the latest good news about him.

Robi Gumilang, a staff at Mount Ciremai National Park said that Slamet is in good condition for now.  "He was spotted through our surveilance camera on September around Lempong Balong area, safe and sound," Robi said on Saturday (8/10/2021).

Still according to him, Slamet was also spotted around Malarhayu, Bantarugung, Majalengka area by the local community on the same month.  As a wild animal, Slamet was estimated to get his food from by hunting down the another wild creature live in the jungle such as, deer, pig, chicken, birds, and even monkeys.

The management of Mount Ciremai Natonal Park has installed around 12 surveillance camera to monitor salmet condition. They also occasionally do some patrol once in a month to track his existence and find oout his weel-being. "We install 12 surveillance cameras, 6 around Kuningan, and the other 6 around Majalengka area," he added.

Slamet Ramadhan was not the only indigenous species of Mount Ciremai National Park. Apart from this Javanese panther, there are still lots other carnivorous wild animal such as jaguar, and leopard. This data was taken from the surveillance camera as well from the local communities's side of story who happened to encounter them existence while looking for some sticks in the forest. (*)

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